Google Analytics and OzoneFarm

This is a test post for Google Analytics and I’m kindof a newbie. Trust me.

Next Level or Point of No Return

OzoneFarm has been an imaginary domain since my wife zeroed all my accounts and kicked me to the curb back in 2003. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to reconcile with her or her world, but my world of ideas and ideals is still quite intact. The ship is anchored over Fort Defiance  near Cairo, Illinois and there it shall remain anchored until we at least or at last succeed. I’m in Chicago working on some “cultural infrastructure” for use in the 23rd Century. By 2020, everything should be in place and running, if they let me live that long.

Thanks to the resilience of the Internet itself, at least a bare-bones version of Yeoman’s OzoneFarm will “exist” in some form never again to be sabotaged, sidetracked, deleted, lost, dismissed, denied or even discouraged by those who lack anything from a the most basic understanding of sustainability to the complete inability to entertain a single original thought.

Here’s a link to the current working draft of the executive summary, introduction and some primary ideas:

Next: DTOM: Dialog/Transaction Object Model (Don’t Tread On Me) – Patent not needed.