Gearing up …

We’ve had OzoneFarm up and running since June of 2001 in one form or another. Now I can say that the critical core membership is assembled and engaged. A Community in Cyberspace: the OzoneFarm Experiment continues…

The next phase is to migrate from social media to extended intelligence through instrumentation and interfacing using the telepathic union above accessable through the Training Manual. (The Law, History, Poetry, Wisdom, Prophets, Gospels, Accounts, Epistles and the Revelation.)

If you have read and understood the instructions, tune in now using your internal Urim and Thummim. Feel that light?

See you there!

The golden rule from Quantum Inspirational People

Traction is Progress

I think the critical path to joyful cocreation over the communications infrastructure will come once the heart-to-heart HUMANITY makes the quantum leap of faith into Telepathic Communion.

Thanks Joshua, Glenn, Doug, Tammy, Sam, Annelois, Sophia, … We’re coming together rapidly.


By Charley

“Peter Jones I have a pen pal in Zambia I have conversed with casually since June. Her profile on Facebook is where I found the Humanity Africa connection.

I have asked her to join here and am waiting for a response.

I’m nervous enough about being charged with conscription already, but I just don’t know another way to keep things moving toward my own goals.

I judge my own motives to be pure enough and I do my research before bringing someone new into the mix. However I detest manufactured consent myself and I try to employ the golden rule as generously as possible.

My personal maxim:

“I don’t wish to be excluded from the desirable nor included in the undesirable”

To me consent and consensus are inexorably linked within creative circles. The infractions that generate distrust are a threat to the generative conversations that we desperately need…

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An unforgettable cellphone call: Episode 1.

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. I call them overcomers.

They can live anywhere on the planet, have any level of education or hardly any at all, they can speak and write in any language or only one …

An overcomer is first of all, a person of character. They make a way in the wilderness as pioneers of possibility.

Over the past decade, I’ve been working on ways to propagate the message of hope that we can all find meaning in life by creating our own livelihoods that fit our own character rather than simply accepting the terms and conditions offered by those in the seats of power. Honest hard work must have its own rewards beyond conventional expectations and beliefs. The leap of faith required to perform the labors of love needed to fix this broken world is growing as fast as the gulf in wealth and income inequality but there are a few who make it across.

Here is a story from my tiny circle of friends who are Growing Systems of Success in the CloudScape:


There are some unforgettable situations in everyone’s life. It means that, considering what you do, how and who you are, there is an unforgettable day in your mind, the day starting when you begun to see the way, when you saw new things. This is my own story as Canon Felix, a blogger and social Entrepreneur.

I remember that day. In May 2015, midnight of the first day of that month, I was reading Facebook posts . I was in my bed. I saw a post shared by a Facebookfriend of mine. I have never seen him. The post was for Yaga Community. We were called to apply in order to become bloggers. I got up at that moment, took a block note and a pen. I slowly left the bed, seated in the seating room, wrote down a poem in Kirundi, our native language. In October of the same…

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Work Worth Doing

As we often discover, life progresses through seasons of natural change and vibrant themes that bind truth to beauty. As we develop consistent methods that work and build personal capacity for love and the knack for trusting intelligence itself within ourselves and learn to recognize similar capacities  in our peers, steady moments of inspiration show us glimpses of genuine glory.

Our ways are tempered magically and miraculously to experience gained by suffering and hardship which, as the ancient texts have passed along to us, build lasting relationships from personal and intimate to casual and remote and the character to maintain them over long timeframes. Our transpersonal psychological and philisophical ways and means (this blog post in evidence) provide us a space within which we each get to accomplish our dream and tell our collective story.

The glory we know shows up as light of various kinds that illuminate those things that hide from us – whether things we need for work or things that would harm us or impede the work if they remained in our space. The gift of discernment endowed by nature herself enables us to sort the useful and beautiful from the vile and gory.

People who lack the training and discipline afforded to the children of light – every now and then – disrupt the processes and patterns of liberation given freely to the contacted. Disciples of perfection work out their own salvation through the works of faith that are written in our code since we first entered the sentient being category.

If one knows in one’s heart the meaning of life and embraces the clarifications and corrections offered in the syllabus, labs and coursework of the ever present all-knowing might of the resident extraterrestrial professing redeemer, the learning and teaching crafts carry forward into the next season of vital work retaining the revised record into the realms of the anticipatory …

Our purpose in life justifies our remaining in this world to the end. Decisions and choices matter only as entertainment for the distracted, delusion for the unfaithful and unfounded fear for the disbelieving. Those of us called into service for the reorganization of humanity reconcile actionable faith and instructive source through walking out on ignorance and deception and stepping onto the path of righteousness ever how lonsome. We simply interpret and activate what we gather from the prime master’s allegory:

The Seed sown in the good soil bears fruit a hundred-fold with each and every planting/harvest cycle – you shall know them by their fruits. Understand your calling so you will assure your election as a gifted child with helpful creative offerings in the grand repository.



The natural world and the built environment in syzygy render a marvelous path into the future if one uses powerful thinking and whole system design principles.
Resent connections with social media networking groups have sparked developments that bring OzoneFarm ideolgy further down to Earth. We’re finding that what was seen as outlandish back when we went online in 2001 are actually more down-to-earth than even we thought.

The core principle of abstraction synthesis for creating new work situations using networked computers relies first on universal common values. UCVs are values to plug into easy-to-use formulas and equations that do not need heavy math skills or computers at all.

The threat of a quantum computing overthrow of Humanity diminishes as basic math comes back into focus. The major distinction between society and community for us as communition engineers enables us to dump the obvious fraud of identity politics and corporate ploys and get back to work.

Stay tuned!

Company Halt

Time is changing for me. I used to see the years getting closer together on my information superhighway timeline like telephone poles on the side. This is from the childhood experience of lying in the back seat of the family automobile seeing only the tops of utility poles following the wire down it’s droop and back up to the fastener on the next pole. The movement of the built-in camera controls in my robot head constructed in my grey matter a very nice rectified sinusoidal waveform. This is how I see technological progress.

I built my first robot in the first grade in 1960. Second grade I learned cursive writing and speech. By third grade, I was designing hypertriangulated space stations and in the fourth grade I read Big Dreams and Small Rockets and learned about Dr. Robert Goddard.

By fifth grade I had learned to solder and with the help and support of the TV technition next door, built a working Morse Code oscillator and telegraph key by hand. I think you get the drift here. I have some electronics background. That and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee at Mc Donald’s here in my old Kentucky Hometown, Paducah.

Now, that’s some detailed personal information about the architect of the OzoneFarm or OzOneFarm server core. Learn more.

“The Pop-up Community” … a new social mindset!


We enter an even steeper learning curve as the tyrant/tycoon monster tightens the noose around the neck of the noosphere.

The syzygy of fear and love transpires for the individual change agent as s/he feels the restrictions. Fearing reprisal leads to a feeling of isolation, subtracted or subverted purpose and diminished effect upon the landscape of change. We all know what dis-mission feels like when we are punished for doing well.

Love (cognitive empathy) creates pathways for generative understanding grounded in peaceable moments of shared clarity. Sharing builds durable contexts around common values forming a metaphysical infrastructure for the collective cranium.

Gifting generates common goods while organizing and aggregating services over growing trust metrics that, unfortunately, can easily find numeric representation in open portals with repositories that remain exposed to gainsayers and profiteers. Fret not.

The Commons: good, sense, decency,law, wealth, knowledge and any other valid pairing provide solid robust agile connections in the sacred space between the ears, behind the eyes and above the shoulders that bear the weight of the whole world.

Source: “The Pop-up Community” … a new social mindset!