A Community in Cyberspace

I started an eBook back in 2001. I wrote it in HTML directly onto a Linux box server built from an old PC. The only copy of the book is on the Internet Archives. Here’s the forward:

A Community in Cyberspace

For decades now the feverish pace at which computing systems have developed, has left many people alienated, confused and bewildered. For a few that have managed to stay abreast of the technologies it has been quite a boon. Some of the folks with savvy and skill have been placed in a position to abuse their newly found power in exploitative schemes using ruthless business practices. Others guided by ethics that are more generous have managed to create a very powerful new medium that fosters a level of co-operation never before possible.

The Idea of Democracy in North America has evolved from the Mayflower Compact to the Constitution of the United States and has been all along a series of conflicts, revolutions, and long periods of stagnation and complacency. The advent of the Internet has presented a new dimension to human communication and will, as this book will try to show, become the catalyst for change that will foster a new era in representative government.

Electronic signals traveling at the speed of light can now shrink the global community to a surprisingly small size with respect to the physical planet. At the same time, the level of complexity, diversity, and inter-nationality have become staggering in relation to traditional ideas pertaining to society. There exists a need to harmonize the possibilities into a logical whole that can be managed by the standard Human mindset, and applied to bettering the union of souls that resides on this globe. Finite physical beings that remain here can tap the cybernetic well, join, and perfect the Community in Cyberspace in a new and exciting way.

Achieving goals, setting standards, creating associations and fostering co-operation has never been easier. Similarly, exploitation, abuse, and downright fraud have never been easier, either. Those with a strong desire for change and a passion for designing a sustainable future can wield the power of information technology. This raw power should be directed toward the ideals that honor the dignity of the noble purposes of past generations and build an honorable legacy for future generations. The time to do so is now!

I didn’t have spell check back then. That was then.. this is now! Oh wait.. what’s changed? To join the book try this link. You may have to jump through a hoop or two to get access.

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