About OzoneFarm

OzoneFarm is a silly word that helped me get through the 80’s. Now it simply represents a temperament that keeps me from taking myself too serious.

I indeed have my head in the clouds most of the time, but I also know that there’s work to be done. The original “virtual workplace” idea that I wrote about in 2001 has now found expression in g+ and openGIS thus I seem to have been swept up by the wave. But I’m alive and well and still on the job – protecting the network from greedy leeches, wolves in sheeps’ clothing, hideous beasts and lonely deviants. (A cowboy’s work is never done.)

To this day, my path remains before me. It matters not one iota to the path who is walking, but whether we meet, cross or merge, our paths will surely come together.

Current physical location: Fairmont Farm and Studio – the signal source for the authentic versions of the code and access to the command line terminal of the machinery of community. As we witness the finality of the disconnected world, the next world unfolds before our eyes and ears. Hearing is believing. Right?

Cargo drop coordinates: 37.143297,-88.977432

Some of the topics I work on now:
slow money, local food, crowd science, open data, free software,
riparian zoning, watershed mapping, sensor/actuator networks, talent development, trust metrics…

table of cq | Keyline Design | OzoneFarming blog

6 thoughts on “About OzoneFarm

  1. Update: I left my sister’s place a year ago and have been in Chicago seeking out other songsters and activists and I must say I haven’t been disappointed. In fact, I am now catching one of the biggest waves of environmental activism to ever sweep a countryside. This mobilization consists of everything from secret tadpole releases to full-blown eco-revolution-parades.

    “And Chicago, … intends to become “the greenest city in the nation,” according to Sadhu Johnson, Assistant to the Mayor for Green Initiatives, who described the potential for “ecovillage-style developments in Chicago.” from http://ena.ecovillage.org

  2. i have come across your Keyline comments at “Wiser” last year.
    A second link source to the current Keyline site ‘ OEM. in Australia was just found at FarmShow.com . I wanted to go in to Wiser site this eve, and group hop around and
    made a tangent stop at Ozone. Got me interested with the Chicago heads up tone.

    i started at Wiser about three + years ago with a solutions submit. Atmospheric Vortex Engine.


  3. Chicago was great. I met many awesome folks, helped save a few lives, learned some of the geography and history, played a weekly gig at a bar, attended some gatherings, and generally aged about twice my normal rate. I’m back in Western Kentucky near ‘the center of the universe’ (LaCenter 42056).

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