Ownership or Mother ship

Before Europeans, The Mississippi Basin was home to hundreds of tribes of stone age people living in relative harmony with the land and each other. With no concept of ownership, no idea about property rights, no notion of state, no high-tech agriculture, no aerial photography…

…they understood the importance of stream confluences on a spiritual level. Continue reading

Hillbilly Laptop

yellow pencil

An ordinary yellow pencil

Using a piece of stout string or chain, attach a regular pencil to a nice heavy clipboard that holds a good thick yellow legal pad and what do you have?

But you’ll need an operating system. Doodles of inventions, poems, notes, renderings of all sorts, quips and quotes. Heck who needs an iPhone or a Droid? No need for batteries or even a cloak and dagger account with a¬†telecom¬†giant. Who can be trusted?