“The Pop-up Community” … a new social mindset!


We enter an even steeper learning curve as the tyrant/tycoon monster tightens the noose around the neck of the noosphere.

The syzygy of fear and love transpires for the individual change agent as s/he feels the restrictions. Fearing reprisal leads to a feeling of isolation, subtracted or subverted purpose and diminished effect upon the landscape of change. We all know what dis-mission feels like when we are punished for doing well.

Love (cognitive empathy) creates pathways for generative understanding grounded in peaceable moments of shared clarity. Sharing builds durable contexts around common values forming a metaphysical infrastructure for the collective cranium.

Gifting generates common goods while organizing and aggregating services over growing trust metrics that, unfortunately, can easily find numeric representation in open portals with repositories that remain exposed to gainsayers and profiteers. Fret not.

The Commons: good, sense, decency,law, wealth, knowledge and any other valid pairing provide solid robust agile connections in the sacred space between the ears, behind the eyes and above the shoulders that bear the weight of the whole world.

Source: “The Pop-up Community” … a new social mindset!