Company Halt

Time is changing for me. I used to see the years getting closer together on my information superhighway timeline like telephone poles on the side. This is from the childhood experience of lying in the back seat of the family automobile seeing only the tops of utility poles following the wire down it’s droop and back up to the fastener on the next pole. The movement of the built-in camera controls in my robot head constructed in my grey matter a very nice rectified sinusoidal waveform. This is how I see technological progress.

I built my first robot in the first grade in 1960. Second grade I learned cursive writing and speech. By third grade, I was designing hypertriangulated space stations and in the fourth grade I read Big Dreams and Small Rockets and learned about Dr. Robert Goddard.

By fifth grade I had learned to solder and with the help and support of the TV technition next door, built a working Morse Code oscillator and telegraph key by hand. I think you get the drift here. I have some electronics background. That and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee at Mc Donald’s here in my old Kentucky Hometown, Paducah.

Now, that’s some detailed personal information about the architect of the OzoneFarm or OzOneFarm server core. Learn more.

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