An unforgettable cellphone call: Episode 1.

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. I call them overcomers.

They can live anywhere on the planet, have any level of education or hardly any at all, they can speak and write in any language or only one …

An overcomer is first of all, a person of character. They make a way in the wilderness as pioneers of possibility.

Over the past decade, I’ve been working on ways to propagate the message of hope that we can all find meaning in life by creating our own livelihoods that fit our own character rather than simply accepting the terms and conditions offered by those in the seats of power. Honest hard work must have its own rewards beyond conventional expectations and beliefs. The leap of faith required to perform the labors of love needed to fix this broken world is growing as fast as the gulf in wealth and income inequality but there are a few who make it across.

Here is a story from my tiny circle of friends who are Growing Systems of Success in the CloudScape:


There are some unforgettable situations in everyone’s life. It means that, considering what you do, how and who you are, there is an unforgettable day in your mind, the day starting when you begun to see the way, when you saw new things. This is my own story as Canon Felix, a blogger and social Entrepreneur.

I remember that day. In May 2015, midnight of the first day of that month, I was reading Facebook posts . I was in my bed. I saw a post shared by a Facebookfriend of mine. I have never seen him. The post was for Yaga Community. We were called to apply in order to become bloggers. I got up at that moment, took a block note and a pen. I slowly left the bed, seated in the seating room, wrote down a poem in Kirundi, our native language. In October of the same…

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