The golden rule from Quantum Inspirational People

Traction is Progress

I think the critical path to joyful cocreation over the communications infrastructure will come once the heart-to-heart HUMANITY makes the quantum leap of faith into Telepathic Communion.

Thanks Joshua, Glenn, Doug, Tammy, Sam, Annelois, Sophia, … We’re coming together rapidly.


By Charley

“Peter Jones I have a pen pal in Zambia I have conversed with casually since June. Her profile on Facebook is where I found the Humanity Africa connection.

I have asked her to join here and am waiting for a response.

I’m nervous enough about being charged with conscription already, but I just don’t know another way to keep things moving toward my own goals.

I judge my own motives to be pure enough and I do my research before bringing someone new into the mix. However I detest manufactured consent myself and I try to employ the golden rule as generously as possible.

My personal maxim:

“I don’t wish to be excluded from the desirable nor included in the undesirable”

To me consent and consensus are inexorably linked within creative circles. The infractions that generate distrust are a threat to the generative conversations that we desperately need…

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