Citizenship, Watershed and Commonwealth

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Citizenship Papers: Essays – Wendell Berry – Google Books.

Everyone that knows Wendell understands why he doesn’t use computers. Although I don’t know him personally, my sister and brother-in-law do and I’m staying at their place across Kentucky from the Berry’s in Henry County over here in Ballard County. Debby and Toby, much like Tonya and Wendell are a bit shy when it comes to using the web but those who know me understand why I’m not.

What is it about the web that simply can’t be trusted? I don’t even think about it much any more but I know it’s still there. Like a stream, I just flow around it. The work I do these days, as in the past, involves online community and offline community and I am a living interface between those two parts of the ecosystem. I hope to represent my circles well – honestly…

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Stop the Hollyweb! No DRM in HTML5.

In case you didn’t know by now, Hollywood is trying to take over the world-wide web, too. When will enough be enough?

DRM (Digital ‘Rights’ Management) – for most people, ‘rights’ are actually ‘restrictions’ whether they are aware of it or not. For those with little or no money for lawyers, expensive equipment and only limited Internet access, the built-in rights management proposed for the next version of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) will further break the Internet into ‘have and have-not’ sections. — learn more

Applied Math and Media

Growing up during the Cold War in Kentucky gave my world-view a little less than complete treatment as to who I would become, what I would do for a living and how my relationships would later serve mainly to break my heart and hang me out to dry. In spite of all that, I managed to survive to my current age of 61 and am determined not to let the remainder of my life on Earth get dominated by the Evil One. I have wasted plenty of breath trying to convince certain close relatives and distant friends that something positive is going on in the world, completely separate and apart from what is reported on TV News programs. (There’s a reason they are called ‘programs’ by the way.)

Recently, I was introduced to an awesome term which to me represents that “lost chord” that The Moody Blues sent me in search of about four decades ago. If you’ve been following me along in my various web-spaces and spheres of influence (and confluence), you’ll “get”, as I have, the full scope of what this little term ‘syzygy‘ means in all of its glory as a generalized principle much akin to the meta-term SYNERGY of the 20th Century, which I learned of through reading books by R. Buckminster Fuller. Just have a look:

Syzygy (mathematics)

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For other uses, see Syzygy (disambiguation).

In mathematics, a syzygy (from Greek συζυγία ‘pair’) is a relation between the generators of a module M. The set of all such relations is called the “first syzygy module of M“. A relation between generators of the first syzygy module is called a “second syzygy” of M, and the set of all such relations is called the “second syzygy module of M“. Continuing in this way, we derive the nth syzygy module of M by taking the set of all relations between generators of the (n − 1)th syzygy module of M. If M is finitely generated over a polynomial ring over a field, this process terminates after a finite number of steps; i.e., eventually there will be no more syzygies (see Hilbert’s syzygy theorem). The syzygy modules of M are not unique, for they depend on the choice of generators at each step.

The sequence of the successive syzygy modules of a module M is the sequence of the successive images (or kernels) in a free resolution of this module.

Buchberger’s algorithm for computing Gröbner bases allows the computation of the first syzygy module: The reduction to zero of the S-polynomial of a pair of polynomials in a Gröbner basis provides a syzygy, and these syzygies generate the first module of syzygies.

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Everyday language holds the key to future situations involving people, places, property and plans. The advent of the Internet broadens the horizons for those who are connected but how can it overcome the barriers to collectively-rendered critical thinking and problem-solving? Indeed, using semantic applications in civic and organizational situations is promising as code libraries and datasets grow in quantity, and to a lesser degree in quality. Currently, I am gathering thoughts on the value of attention while focusing mine on the vocabularies of ontologists and context builders. This document is yet another placeholder for a long-ranging projection of the world to come.


syz·y·gy [ˈsizijē/] noun


  1. a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun.

“the planets were aligned in syzygy

The word has a huge context and connotation far beyond the seemingly simple concepts surrounding a celestial alignment. For example in Jungian Psychology, he uses the term to connote a pair of connected or corresponding things most notably “animus and anima” the unusual quality possessed by all humans each gender having an innate representative of the opposite. In other words, all men have a feminine side and all women have a masculine side.

OzoneFarm has begun a new series of projects to meld, combine, merge, incubate and “syzygize” (compare to R. Buckminster Fuller’s “synergize”) a whole lot of special projects in one swoop. Check out the document in progress here or here.


Ripples of Influence
The Common Good is always there waiting for some attention. It seems that attention is at a premium these days with the bombardment of our psyches with the steady stream of nonsense coming from the commercially prostituted media that has driven sanity to the margins of daily life. Who are we to withhold ourselves from the task of restoring Common Sense to our lives?
OzoneFarm is here to assist in the process of realization of the ideal for our own slice of the “masses” which is fairly small according to our year-end stats. But our aim is more toward quality rather than quantity. The ideal that we look to is not of this current world. It comes from a future world that can only be imagined and scarcely even described. All we know for sure is that justice and love will be the dominant themes.
Building real community requires openness, honesty and oneness of both heart and mind. The confusing forces that plague civic life and the overall well-being planet-wide appear to have a common source – an inordinate desire for material gain on the part of an ever-thinner slice of Humanity. Our philosophy is based in the belief that Community is Capital. To us, wealth consists of physical well-being, spiritual liberation and collective cognition of Earth’s ecosystem. It has nothing to do with finance, commerce or even government.
The battle lines are drawn along physical boundaries using ideals that are functions of collective acceptance of a few principles that empower mainly those who have material advantage through the usurpation of civil authority. This condition creates wide-spread misery and despair and results in crime and misbehavior on every level. Every problem ranging from irreparable damage to the ecosystem to mass starvation of innocent children is solvable through a return of the uniquely Human faculty of critical thinking and problem-solving that has delivered us through two World Wars and into a third. This war, though, is one of mind and spirit..
In 2016, we hope to show what can be achieved through tightly-focused community development and cyber-active vocational rehabilitation of our systems and networks. We are ramping up our efforts to build brick-and-mortar instances of maker spaces, rebuild centers, B corporations, permaculture projects, local food networks and other down-to-earth efforts to change things at the local level. At the same time, we are working on forming a collectively-rendered prototype of a new system of accountability and communication based, not upon greed but upon the κοινωνία principle.

Attack me here, now .. please.

I wasn’t there .. I am here.

In fact I wasn’t even born yet and neither were you.

History repeats itself, though. It’s not like a cyclic or circular thing though. It’s more like a spiral. The Human Family needs to just grow up. War kindof sucks don’t you think? You must respond to my post to get my attention. Even if you are my sister or close kin. That’s just the way things ARE these days.#geocode 015


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Taunted, Tormented, Tortured but not Tainted

My fellow Americans​ .. One is never too old to learn new concepts and all are free to confess their faults in public as long as it doesn’t threaten National Security (or even if it does if you don’t mind being tortured.) Something that has bothered me for a long time has finally become clear enough to express in English. I had heard the word ‘recalcitrant’ before but I never realized it describes me in a large way. I know that at times, I had “…an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline…” as both my 5th grade teacher (Mrs. Wiggins for La Center Elementary​ students.) and a few of my old bosses could tell you. As a practitioner of a “Christianized” form of Falun Dafa, I remind you that Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance and other Human ideals are not typical of non-human entities such as governments and corporations. Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and many others are under attack by organized collections of confused individuals that resort not to the best of human natures, but to the worst.

To my grade school com padres, I apologize for all those times I cried in front of the whole class. I remember the bewildered looks on your faces while I was getting railed for my “disobedience” or other random act of rebellion. I know it made you all uncomfortable and made you shun me. I remember you all applauding when it was announced that I was finally moving down the road. It has taken the best part of 50 years for me to understand what happened “back there” in the 1950s and 60s. You all need to understand that my brother Dennis and I were in our dad’s loins when he was captured and tortured by the Red Chinese in North Korea. You see, I understood true authority and strict discipline. My dad was a Master Sargent in a very sensitive intelligence unit doing aerial reconnaissance over “enemy” territory during the Korean “Conflict” through which the US was desperately trying to “contain” communism. I don’t think ANYONE really knew what that war was about, but my mom said that the man that came back was not the boy that was sent over there.

I wonder what my life would have been like if he had been allowed to stay over here and play trumpet with a Big Band as his original ambition was. He loved Tommy Dorsey​ and Benny Goodman​ and had even gotten a part with Jack Stalcup​ and his Orchestra before he was conscripted to that stinking “police action” or whatever it was. He was the one that had to “contain” all of the nasty secrets and classified information that he took to his grave in order to honor the oath he was compelled to take. I had to stop asking “why” a long time ago. My dad hated that question.

Now that my feet are shod for the preparation of the Gospel of Peace, I’m finished carrying on the torture of not knowing why we had to grow up under the cloud of secrecy that our own government cast over us. All governments on Earth are evil, especially if they use torture, including ours. It is time to arm ourselves again and fight a whole new kind of battle. The reconciliation of national conflict must take place first in the hearts and minds of the combatants. (…and we are ALL enemy combatants in SOME context…) The Cold War doesn’t end as the politicians and profiteers say – it simply gets colder as the memories fade and the wounds heal.

Meanwhile, as the inner battles rage, we as Neochristians, Buddhist, Taoist and other peace-loving spiritual climbers continue to face the nonscientific world. We “get” that the teachings and traditions are often distorted if not lost altogether by the authoritarian and undisciplined. The discipline is not of word or action until it is of mind and spirit. The mind is the only part of our nature we can change. Growing into higher systems of integrated belief should never be painful for others. The science of self-in-community (Greek Christian – Koinonia) adds to the Buddha Fa in Falun Gong. Collective well-being is a measurable side effect of increased participation. It is well understood that the singularity will not be another individual like Buddha or Jesus, but will be the community of practitioners of the sciences they taught.

In Honor of the author’s dad on Veterans Day (USA) 2015: Thank you Knox E. Quinton for your service to The Country I Grow Into.